The service supported by platform

It is a set of services both for the management of your medical data and for the development of a modern way of working with the health care provider you work with.

The benefit is threefold.

  • You have `organized and tidy` all your medical data, without the need to refer to emails or reply forms, when you need something, and in fact 24 hours * 365 days, wherever you are.
  • Minimize travel (eg for the simple receipt of results) and save effort and time for your communication with the provider you work with (eg even outside business hours, make immediate appointments, send an message, etc.)
  • You are constantly in touch with the provider you work with, on issues that concern you, timely and valid.

Therefore, the use of the above digital services is a valuable tool for both the patients and the modern doctors, because it is a catalyst in the development of a more active and powerful role in the care of everyone`s health.

The services have been designed in an innovative and pioneering way, so that medical data is not transferred or copied elsewhere. They always remain in the storage system of the health provider, where according to the law they must be observed. The user accesses them dynamically whenever their retrieval is required. This implies maximum security, which is also confirmed by the certificate 27001 which covers the entire service platform
Easy access to test / diagnosis results is done with a simplified and secure process of connecting the user to the health care provider`s system All other services require the issuance of personal access codes, in accordance with the policy of the provider
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I forgot my codes

By using personal codes, in addition to accessing your medical history, you have access to modern digital services such as:

  • communication, via messaging system
  • information, through your participation in the communication groups you desire
  • finding financial packages - offers
  • appointment scheduling, anytime
If you do not have access codes, and want to issue, click here